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Check out this article written about one mum’s experience of Breastfeeding in ‘the land of Genghis Khan’.

Food for thought!


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Interested in being a WAHM?

You may be a SAHM looking for another challenge or needing some extra money, or a working mother looking to make the transition to being a SAHM.  There is something in between being a full time SAHM and being a working mother.  Being a work-at-home-mum (WAHM) can be the ideal compromise between the two. 

That said, how easy is it to find a job that can be done from home and provide an income and is flexible enough to fit around the children?  Not necessarily a piece of cake!  I have come up with some ideas, but any other ideas are welcome!

1. Childminding.  Seems a natural choice for the WAHM.  Being paid to mind other children alongside your own and provide a valuable service.  Hours are flexible, tends to be paid in the range of £2-£4 per child per hour. 

2. Teaching childrens groups/classes.  Drama, dance, cooking, messy play, music,  singing, swimming – the list is pretty long.  You can start yourself or buy a franchise.  This is as flexible as you want it to be.  I do wonder how happy children would be attending the same classes 2 or 3 times a week every week, but that’s something only you will know about yours!

3. Selling.  Again, the list of people you can sell for and range of products you can sell is pretty long.  Make-up, toys, games, foot prints, nursery furniture, ethical items, nappies etc etc.  It’s difficult to estimate how much you can realistically earn as in my experience they are not forthcoming with honest information about that.  But lots of mums are doing it, and it can’t be for the love of it so I will put my cynicism to one side and assume it can be financially worthwhile.

4. Starting your own business.  If you don’t like what is out there, then start something yourself.  You can set the pace of growth and the hours you need to work.  A great place to start for advice is your local Business Link.  (check links below.)

5. Re-train.  Consider where your skills and interest lies, and maybe think of retraining.  There are fields that naturally lend themselves to the WAHM.  Complementary therapies, various teaching, counselling, consultancy, writing (!), craft work and artistry are all industries worth thinking about.  If you are looking for a more long-term plan and don’t mind putting some time into getting to your end-goal then re-training may be the best option.

Useful links or organisations mentioned above.

Business Link

National Childminding Association

Mum and Working


Complementary Therapies

If you know of or can recommend any other genuine WAHM opportunities then let us all know!

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