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After the ridiculous case of the policewomen told they were acting illegally by minding each others’ children, the Children’s Secretary Ed Balls has clarified the ‘rules’.

In a case of unprecedented common sense Mr Balls stated that he wanted :

“to make clear that reciprocal childcare arrangements between parents where there is no payment involved should not be a matter for regulation.

I have agreed today with Ofsted that with immediate effect, this will be beyond the scope of their childcare inspections and will make this crystal clear by changing the regulations in the coming period.”

So, friends who know each other well and know each other’s children well can now babysit and arrange childcare without worrying that Ofsted are going to come knocking.

Don’t fret, I am sure this worrying bout of common-sense and proportionate regulation will more than likely come to an end shortly.

Source: BBC News


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