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You wouldn’t expect these two phrases to be linked, necessarily.  I definately wouldn’t.  However they are because the company which owns and runs the popular Baby Shows in Birmingham and London, visited by 1000’s of families, also run many arms shows.

Clarion events run the Baby Show.  They also run Defense Systems and Equipment International – the largest arms fair in the world alongside a number of others.

Further details can be found on the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) website.

The number of ‘ethical’ companies that show at The Baby Show is pretty long and you can only hope that they are unaware of this link, especially as it’s relatively new.  Unicef have stopped accepting donations from The Baby Show and some of the exhibitors have pulled out of the shows.

Weapons sold at arms fairs have been shown time and time again to devestate families and communities in many developing and war torn countries, which makes it difficult to see how any ethically-minded companies or families in this country could continue to support or visit The Baby Show.


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