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The Ergo definately looks like a hardcore sling.  It has buckles and pockets and looks like it could withstand a lot of babywearing.

It was the sling of choice for me after a lot of trial and error.  I tried ring slings, pouch slings, the tricotti, the wilkinget, a wrap sling and of course the initial faux pas of the shop-bought baby bjorn.  Thank goodness I had lots of lovely friends who loaned me slings, or I would have been in serious debt!


  • No skill required in putting the sling on.  You clip the sling around your hips, put baby on your front or your back and then lift the sling up over your shoulders and clip it at the top.  Very easy.
  • Once on it was a piece of cake to adjust it.
  • Comfort levels huge.  I carried my youngest til he was two years old for a minimum of 2 hours at a time every day with no discomfort or back ache.
  • Doesn’t look to un-mainstream.
  • Very good re-sale value.


  • Doesn’t look to un-mainstream 🙂  (depends on your leanings whether this is a pro or con!)
  • Baby/child can’t face out on the front.  It’s an inward facing sling.
  • Other parents will rush over to ask you about it on a regular basis.

Particularly good for:

  • Longer term, comfortable babywearing
  • Use by either mum, dad or other caregiver.
  • People who are baffled by large amounts of material and tying options!

Overall I found this sling good value for money, extremely easy to use and foolproof.  I have and would recommend it to anybody who wants to babywear on a long term basis.


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