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UNICEF have a campaign to raise money for tetanus vaccinations in the developing world.  It is a joint campaign with pampers which does mean that in order to help you need to visit their website.  So how do you go about helping?

  1. Visit the Pampers home page.
  2. Ignore all their gumph and forums if you find the whole thing offensive or irritating.
  3. Click on the little balloon that pops up to download a FREE song.
  4. This will immediately donate money toward the UNICEF fund.
  5. Make sure you wait for confirmation!

I know that both vaccinations and disposable nappies are contentious issues, but I think in this case it is worth knowing about this campaign.

If I lived in a developing country at risk of tetanus and with a poor health care  system I would want this for my children, currently hundreds of thousands die of tetanus annually and it is highly preventable.

Worth considering.




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Positive and informative statement from UNICEF which has been seen and approved by the authors of the study.

Interesting comment in The Guardian yesterday who picked up the mis-reporting issues and the fact that the authors of the study are not happy with how the press have been picking it up.

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